Kat's Services

*** Starting September 1st, 2016, I will be working with Elm City Doulas for Birth Doula services as an independent contractor.

How it works:
- You check out my website and decide you'd like to meet up in person and find out more
- Contact Elm City Doulas and ask them to put you and I in contact
- You and I will arrange a time and place to meet for a complementary consultation

For my other services, you can email me directly at heartandwisdombirth@gmail.com ***

Birth Doula Services
I am passionate about my work. I love my work. I know from my own experiences how important it is to have an empowering birth experience. Since the time I first became pregnant, I have been reading and researching and attending workshops and seminars on the topics of pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting. I believe that "knowledge is power" and I strive to be up-to-date and aware of all pertinent information. Furthermore, I understand both the medical and midwifery models of care, so I am better able to support my clients throughout their birthing process. I place the utmost importance on my clients' satisfaction and well-being.

As a Life Coach, I have been trained in Mindfulness techniques and I incorporate these into my doula work as they complement the birthing process. When a woman is giving birth, she needs to be in tune with her body, present in the moment and as stress-free as possible. Mindfulness helps in achieving this. I help my clients culture and grow their mindfulness to help them prepare not only for childbirth, but for parenting as well.

I have a special personal and professional interest in VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I have done a lot of research and attended additional workshops and seminars on this topic. I have personally experienced what it's like to go down the VBAC path. Women who are interested in giving birth vaginally after cesarean have somewhat different needs and I am passionate about supporting women through this process so they can feel as prepared and confident as possible.

The following is what my Birth Doula services include:
  • Provide you (and your partner) with as much information and resources as you need {and want!} regarding pregnancy, labour, birth and parenthood.
  • Be available during your pregnancy to answer your questions regarding your upcoming labour and birth so you feel confident and prepared for the journey.
  • Be fully supportive of your birthing wishes and goals.
  • Be fully supportive to you (and your partner) during your labour and birth.
  • Provide you with helpful techniques, information, massage, essential oils, etc that may benefit you during your labour and birth.
  • Be your advocate and ensure your birthing wishes and goals are understood by the medical team during your labour and birth.
  • Never speak in your place or undermine your wishes and goals.
  • Do all I can and all you would like me to do so that you can have a positive and safe birth experience.
  • Be fully supportive to you, your partner and your baby for a designated period of time after the birth.
  • Provide you with breastfeeding support and guidance
  • Provide a reliable backup doula with a similar approach to mine, in the unlikely event I am unable to attend your birth.

GentleBirth Prenatal Workshops
GentleBirth Workshops are an innovative, cutting-edge approach to prenatal classes! Originating in Ireland in 2006, GentleBirth has been taking the USA by storm and is making its way to Canada! I am the only Certified Instructor in the Maritimes, and only one of 2 Instructors in all of Canada.
The class will teach moms and their partners easy-to-learn brain training techniques like Mindfulness, CBT, Sports Psychology and Medical Hypnosis along with tools, info & techniques to help you prepare for the most positive birth possible.

GentleBirth VBAC Classes
This class provides expecting parents, who have previously given birth by cesarean, with the info they need to make an empowering, evidence-based, unbiased decision and to prepare them to have the most positive, safest birth possible.

Pregnancy and Parenting Coaching Sessions

In addition to the doula services I provide, I also provide one-on-one sessions for pregnancy or parenting support. Having a baby is only the beginning of a life-long journey...your parenting journey. Our society encourages couples to take childbirth classes in preparation for the birth of their baby, but there is very little emphasis placed on the preparation of this immensely major life change. Just like with any big endeavour we pursue, having the proper support along the way is essential. Pregnancy coaching sessions can guide and support you to begin exploring your role as a parent and the ways in which you can begin implementing changes to make this transition in your life go more smoothly. After birthing your baby, having a parenting coach is like the extension of having a birth doula...you have someone who can support and encourage you, provide you with knowledge and information and other tools you may need to make your parenting journey one that is joyful and where you feel empowered. I work with my clients in a dynamic process which guides them to create and realize the parent(s) they want to be and the family vision they wish to nurture and grow!

Often, parents find themselves feeling lost and unsure of what to do. I believe that as parents we all have that parental instinct and wisdom within, and sometimes all we need is some encouragement and guidance to feel comfortable in listening to it. These coaching sessions are for parents who are looking for guidance and/or support with many of the issues that arise during the parenting journey. I approach parenting with a compassionate heart, respecting my children for the persons they are and encouragingly guiding them through their early little lives. I approach my Coaching practice in the same way. I encourage parents and help them to find solutions to their concerns, while staying true to their vision of parenthood.

The range of issues clients seek guidance on vary. Some clients seek guidance and support during pregnancy so that they can feel prepared for the parenting journey ahead or to deal with a particular concern or issue. Other times, clients are seeking advice and information regarding babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering or some of the many other questions that come up in those early parenthood days! Some clients need guidance in finding solutions to managing parenting while working outside the home. For others, it's about realizing and understanding their role as a parent while still achieving their personal goals and dreams. Some are just looking for advice, support and a plan on overcoming sleep deprivation. Overall, parent coaching sessions are similar to personal well-being coaching sessions in that they offer you a safe and understanding space to express, discuss and find solutions to your issues and concerns. However, clients seeking parent coaching have concerns primarily having to do with their role as a parent.

Parent coaching sessions can be scheduled at any time, individually or as a package. Please contact me for more info.