Saturday, June 4, 2016

Be who you are, do what you can...

Butterfly Boucher is one of my favourite musicians. Her music is just awesome. That's my personal opinion, of course.

So just like with our unique taste in music, our unique ways of coping with situations and stress will vary.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all approach to life. Especially when it comes to birthing our babies.

The beautiful thing about birth is that there is a continuum of options and wherever you happen to be, so long as you are there with awareness and on your own terms, then embrace it, own it and find the sweet relief of surrender.

Trying to prove a point, to yourself or to others, will bring you out of your zone.

Trying to force labour down a certain path, when it is clear it isn't going that way, will bring you distress.

Trying something on for size because you heard it's best, but inside you know it isn't working for you, well that's just not fun and will likely not work out how you want.

Be a brave, unshakeable Mama-Love-Warrior....informed, emotionally, mentally and physically prepared...but most importantly, fully aware and honest with herself.

Remember, that you can prepare and do all you can do...and then you have to enter the unknown of birth. Surrendering to this process is often hard for us. But when we do so, we realize we have what we need to get through it.

Labour with compassion, for yourself and for others.

Labour with respect...towards yourself, towards your baby (he or she has a say too!), and don't forget to respect birth! Respect your own unique birth process. It may turn out different than you expected, but you need to give it the space and path it chooses.

Labour with inner strength and own your decisions. There is no time for is too fleeting for that.

The inner story and expectations we have about birth, labour and parenting need to be examined one by one. Where did they come from? Are they helping? Or are they stressing us out or causing worry or anxiety and nervousness? Do we need to keep them...or can we say thanks and let them go? And there is no shame in seeking out some help or guidance during this self-awareness explorative process.

Just like the quote above says, "I can only be who I am, I can only do what I can..I can't begin to describe the relief."

Choose who you want to be...

Know that you will do what you can do...

And then go on...set yourself free of self-limiting beliefs and see what that feels like for you.